Our Capabilities


3D Modelling

The first stage of any new design is to build an accurate 3D model based on the required specification.  This not only gives an insight into how the final product will look but provides detailed information into how the different assemblies fit together as well as outputting the manufacturing data needed to build the real thing. All our designs are fully modelled in AutoCAD Inventor.


Circuit design and development

oscilloscope trace image

Industry standard PCB design

Our printed circuit boards are designed by us using class leading Altium Designer software.  Our schematic circuits are professionally drawn and easy to read, and our PCBs provide the very highest performance, whether traditional through-hole or for surface-mount technology, single or multi-layer.


In-House Manufacturing

All of the products we supply are designed, manufactured, assembled, tested, and packed on site at our Redruth Offices.

Union Audio in-house manufacturing